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Admission policy ~ Prospective Students

Admission Policy

The aim of our graduate program is to foster scientists and research specialists, who could succeed in global research fields with their outstanding research skills, open mind, and broad perspectives in science. Through active participation in our cutting-edge neuroscience research, we offer opportunities to our students to develop research strategies, scientific knowledge, state-of-the-art research techniques, and scientific communication skills, which we believe would help them in pioneering original research and even new research fields in the future. We hope that our graduates will push forward the neuroscience research and also impact broader scientific fields including biosciences and medical sciences. We are always seeking prospective students with the characteristics shown below who would excel in our intense training program.
  1. Students with enthusiasm and passion in neuroscience research
  2. Students who will actively engage in and devote to research
  3. Students who are willing to exchange ideas openly with other scientists
  4. Students who understand diverse ideas and perspectives
  5. Students who value responsibility and devotion to academia, society, and humanity

We expect prospective students to develop the followings before admission:
  1. Basic knowledge in life science
  2. Communication skills in speaking and writing
  3. Proficiency in reading scientific articles
  4. Appreciation of diverse values and perspectives
  5. Propensity to engage actively in science and research

Five year integrated doctoral course

The graduate school will provide an integrated five-year doctoral program in brain science. Students will receive a PhD degree (Science) after obtaining required course credits, conducting thesis research with guidance, and defending their thesis. Note that this graduate course does not grant a master's degree. Students with exceptional performance and achievement can complete the program earlier than five years.

Brochure of Graduate School of Brain Science

Brochure of Graduate School of Brain Science