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Training next generation scientists who will lead the field of brain science.

Five-year integrated doctoral program.

Concentrated and comprehensive training facilitates students obtaining essential skills and knowledge to carry out cutting-edge brain research.

Customized training program by internationally renowned program faculty.

■The ratio of students to faculty is 50 : 8.
■Hands-on research training provided by Two research staff per laboratory.
Adviser system.
Each student will have an academic advisor who consults on curriculum selection, thesis research, and career decisions.

Total tuition remission.

Students under 32 years of age (34 for transfer students) at the time of admission are provided with a five year (three years for transfer students) scholarship covering tuition.

Education centered on self-study with tutorials and class discussions.

Global-standard education.

English is the primary language in teaching materials, presentations, and class discussions.

Training in a wide range of research methodologies in brain science.

Laboratory rotations and active collaborations in the department offer opportunities to students to learn a variety of techniques used in the field.

Training for real world skills.

We offer practical training that will hone students’ abilities and skills such as goal setting, self-study, professional communication, diversity appreciation, and presentation.

Career support.

We will encourage students to appreciate diverse opportunities for their career development by inviting speakers from abroad, sending students to summer training courses and scientific meetings, and offering internships in affiliated biomedical companies.