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Research Internship
at Graduate School of Brain Science

We invite undergraduate and graduate students to our Research Internship program at the Graduate School of Brain Science. In this program, students are encouraged to fully engage with research activities in a laboratory, including experiments, lab meetings, and seminars. If you have even a slightest interest in neuroscience research, feel free to contact us.

See below for more information.
Program detail:
Neuroscience is truly an multi- and inter-disciplinary research field incorporating Biophysics, Psychology, Computation and more. This makes neuroscience research somewhat difficult to grasp without experiencing it. Therefore, we launched this Research Internship program to offer undergraduate students and master’s students opportunities to experience advanced neuroscience research early in their careers. Interns would be encouraged not only to perform experiments at bench but also to attend lab meetings, journal clubs, and seminars, as well as to communicate with all members of the graduate program, not just the lab members.

This program is free of charge. We accept undergraduate students and graduate students from Doshisha as well as other schools, who can commute to our campus in Kyotanabe, Kyoto.

For students of Doshisha, we accept interns any time of the year with the maximum duration of one academic year (until the end of March). They can renew the internship to the following year if requested.

For students from other schools, we can accept them only during long school breaks (typically summer and spring breaks).

How to apply
First, send an inquiry to the department office by E-mail. Please include the following information.

  1. Name
  2. Sex
  3. Current
  4. E-mail address for

The coordinator of the program (Hiroaki Misono) will interview the student to determine which labs are suitable for his/her demand, if the student is not sure about the lab to join (otherwise, students can directly contact the PI of the lab, in which they would like to participate). The student would then interview with the PIs of the labs and inquire about the acceptance and duration. Once the PI agrees to accept the student, we will send the registration form to the applicant.

Graduate School of Brain Science, Doshisha University